Jesus is the Lamb of God - the pure,
innocent Son of God who died on a cross
to erase all the wrong things we have done.

Jesus became a man by being born first,
in Bethlehem and then living a sinless life until
he was crucified. That was not the end however!
He rose from the dead 3 days later.
If we believe in him and make him owner
of our lives, then he will help us everyday.
Someday, we will be in heaven too!

If you want to have a relationship with
Jesus Christ, pray this simple prayer:
Dear Jesus,
I have done wrong things. I am sorry
and I will do my best to stop doing wrong.
Please forgive me and come into my heart
so I can have you in my life and live with you
in heaven someday.
In Jesus’ name I ask this,
- Amen

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